Wednesday, September 17, 2008

whose blog?

hi there! welcome to my blog..
even it was not completed as well..

but it will be someday..
(i guess so..)

let me describe a lil' bit 'bout the blog's owner..

known as: emiko or fiqa

age rite now: forgot but increasing every year..hihi

gud @: tido.. shopping.. math.. music.. strategy..

love to: jln2.. chatting.. watch movie and anime..

will become: a gud student.. a great civil engineer.. a gud wife.haha..

locating: somewhere in internet coverage

i think dats it.. dun forget to comment.. thanks for wasting ur time in my blog. i truly appreciate it..tenkiu very muchi muchi..

originally from da one n de only one...


farz said...


anak_hamja said...

lame gle x update.. huhuhu

aie said...

tq for wasting time?tak waste pon lah..hur3

emiko milo said...

haha 2008 tu weh.. amat klasik..hak2 zman hingusan flu..ehehek~